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U.S state flag of Arkansas
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The state flag of Arkansas features a diamond shape on a red field, with a blue border around the diamond. The diamond is meant to symbolize the state's diamond mining history and the state's nickname, the "Natural State". The four blue stars within the diamond represent the state's major geographic regions, including the Ozarks, the Delta, the Ouachitas, and the Coastal Plain. The white color of the stars represents the state's inclusion in the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Above the diamond, the flag features the state's name, "Arkansas", in blue capital letters. Below the diamond, the state's motto, "Regnat Populus", is also written in blue. This Latin phrase means "The People Rule" and reflects the state's commitment to democratic values.

The current design of the flag was adopted in 1924, although it underwent some minor revisions in subsequent years. Prior to that, the state had used a number of different flags, including versions that featured the state seal on a field of blue or white.

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