Flags of the World

WorldFlags.net is the place where you will find all the world flags 🌍 in ISO 3166-1.

All our nation flags is in SVG-files. This will help the website to load much faster. Our flags also comes in PNG format so you can download or view the flags in it's full format and rich colors. On a flag page, just click 'Download flag as PNG' to view/download the image of the flag.

We've also got a Flags of the World QUIZ! 😊

And to sum it all up we also have 🎨 coloring pages for world flags.

New! List: 20 oldest flags and U.S States flags.

... and some of you have asked about a philippine flag printable - and of course! You can open all of our world flags images and print if if you like.

Hope you will enjoy and perhaps learn something new - we have flags from around the world!

... PS: Did you know that one flag in our flag database has a different front and back? Check it out: flag with different sides.

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Most of our flags have coloring pages! 🎨

Print and colorize flags with our ready-to-print PDF-files. Perfect mindfulness activity or a nice idea for the geography lessons at the school.

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Country Category
Afghanistan Asia
African Union Other
Alabama U.S States
Åland Islands Europe
Alaska U.S States
Albania Europe
Algeria Africa
American Samoa Oceania
Andorra Europe
Angola Africa
Anguilla North America
Antigua & Barbuda Africa
Argentina South America
Arizona U.S States
Arkansas U.S States
Armenia Asia
Aruba North America
Australia Oceania
Australian Aboriginal Oceania
Austria Europe
Azerbaijan Asia
Bahamas North America
Bahrain Asia
Bangladesh Asia
Barbados North America
Belarus Europe
Belgium Europe
Belize North America
Benin Africa
Bermuda North America
Bhutan Asia
Bohuslän Europe
Bolivia South America
Bosnia & Herzegovina Europe
Botswana Africa
Brazil South America
British Indian Ocean Territory Asia
British Virgin Islands North America
Brunei Asia
Bulgaria Europe
Burkina Faso Africa
Burundi Africa
California U.S States
Cambodia Asia
Cameroon Africa
Canada North America
Canary Islands Europe
Cape Verde Africa
Cayman Islands North America
Central African Republic Africa
Chad Africa
Chile South America
China Asia
Christmas Island Asia
Cocos Island North America
Colombia South America
Colorado U.S States
Comoros Africa
Congo Brazzaville Africa
Congo Kinshasa Africa
Connecticut U.S States
Cook Islands Oceania
Costa Rica North America
Croatia Europe
Cuba North America
Curaçao North America
Cyprus Europe
Czech Republic Europe
Delaware U.S States
Denmark Europe
Djibouti Africa
Dominica North America
Dominican Republic North America
East Timor Asia
Ecuador South America
Egypt Africa
El Salvador North America
England Europe
Equatorial Guinea Africa
Eritrea Africa
Estonia Europe
Eswatini Africa
Ethiopia Africa
European Union (EU) Europe
Falkland Islands South America
Faroe Islands Europe
Fiji Oceania
Finland Europe
Florida U.S States
France Europe
French Guiana South America
French Polynesia Oceania
Gabon Africa
Gadsden Other
Gambia Africa
Georgia Europe
Georgia state U.S States
Germany Europe
Ghana Africa
Gibraltar Europe
Gotland Europe
Greece Europe
Greenland North America
Grenada North America
Guadeloupe North America
Guam Oceania
Guatemala North America
Guernsey Europe
Guinea Africa
Guinea-Bissau Africa
Guyana South America
Haiti North America
Hälsingland Europe
Härjedalen Europe
Hispanic People Other
Hawaii U.S States
Honduras North America
Hong Kong Asia
Hungary Europe
Iceland Europe
Idaho U.S States
Illinois U.S States
India Asia
Indiana U.S States
Indonesia Asia
Iowa U.S States
Iran Asia
Iraq Asia
Ireland Europe
Isle of Man Europe
Israel Asia
Italy Europe
Ivory Coast Africa
Jamaica North America
Japan Asia
Jersey Europe
Jordan Asia
Kansas U.S States
Kazakhstan Asia
Kentucky U.S States
Kenya Africa
Kiribati Oceania
Kosovo Europe
Kurdistan Asia
Kuwait Asia
Kyrgyzstan Asia
Laos Asia
Latvia Europe
Lebanon Asia
Lesotho Africa
Liberia Africa
Libya Africa
Liechtenstein Europe
Lithuania Europe
Louisiana U.S States
Luxembourg Europe
Macau Asia
Madagascar Africa
Maine U.S States
Malawi Africa
Malaysia Asia
Maldives Asia
Mali Africa
Malta Europe
Marshall Islands Oceania
Martinique North America
Maryland U.S States
Massachusetts U.S States
Mauritania Africa
Mauritius Africa
Mayotte Africa
Mexico North America
Michigan U.S States
Micronesia Oceania
Minnesota U.S States
Mississippi U.S States
Missouri U.S States
Moldova Europe
Monaco Europe
Mongolia Asia
Montana U.S States
Montenegro Europe
Montserrat North America
Morocco Africa
Mozambique Africa
Myanmar (Burma) Asia
Namibia Africa
Nauru Oceania
Nebraska U.S States
Nepal Asia
Netherlands (Holland) Europe
Nevada U.S States
New Caledonia Oceania
New Hampshire U.S States
New Jersey U.S States
New Mexico U.S States
New York U.S States
New Zealand Oceania
Nicaragua North America
Niger Africa
Nigeria Africa
Niue Oceania
Norfolk Island Oceania
Norrland Europe
North Carolina U.S States
North Dakota U.S States
North Korea Asia
North Macedonia Europe
Northern Ireland Europe
Northern Mariana Islands Oceania
Norway Europe
Ohio U.S States
Oklahoma U.S States
Öland Europe
Olympic Games Other
Oman Asia
Oregon U.S States
Östergötland Europe
Pahlavi Iran Asia
Pakistan Asia
Palau Oceania
Palestine Asia
Panama North America
Papua New Guinea Oceania
Paraguay South America
Pennsylvania U.S States
Peru South America
Philippines Asia
Jolly Roger (Pirate) Other
Pitcairn Islands Oceania
Poland Europe
Portugal Europe
Puerto Rico North America
Qatar Asia
Réunion Africa
Rhode Island U.S States
Romania Europe
Russia Europe
Rwanda Africa
Saint Barthélemy North America
St. Helena Africa
St. Kitts & Nevis North America
St. Lucia North America
St. Pierre & Miquelon North America
St. Vincent & Grenadines North America
Samoa Oceania
San Marino Europe
São Tomé & Príncipe Africa
Saudi Arabia Asia
Scotland Europe
Sealand Other
Senegal Africa
Serbia Europe
Seychelles Africa
Shetland Europe
Sierra Leone Africa
Singapore Asia
Sint Maarten North America
Skåne Europe
Slovakia Europe
Slovenia Europe
Solomon Islands Oceania
Somalia Africa
South Africa Africa
South Carolina U.S States
South Dakota U.S States
South Georgia and
the South Sandwich Islands
South America
South Korea Asia
South Sudan Africa
Spain Europe
Sri Lanka Asia
Sudan Africa
Suriname South America
Swaziland Africa
Svalbard Europe
Sweden Europe
Switzerland Europe
Syria Asia
Taiwan Asia
Tajikistan Asia
Tanzania Africa
Tennessee U.S States
Texas U.S States
Thailand Asia
Togo Africa
Tokelau Oceania
Tonga Oceania
Trinidad & Tobago North America
Tunisia Africa
Turkey Europe
Turkmenistan Asia
Turks & Caicos Islands North America
Tuvalu Oceania
Uganda Africa
Ukraine Europe
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Asia
United Kingdom (UK) Europe
United Nations (UN) Other
Uruguay South America
U.S. Virgin Islands North America
United States (USA) North America
Utah U.S States
Uzbekistan Asia
Vanuatu Oceania
Västra Götaland Europe
Vatican Europe
Venezuela South America
Vermont U.S States
Vietnam Asia
Virginia U.S States
Wales Europe
Wallis & Futuna Oceania
Washington U.S States
West Virginia U.S States
Wisconsin U.S States
Wyoming U.S States
Yemen Asia
Zambia Africa
Zimbabwe Africa