Flags that look alike

Twin flags and flags that are pretty much copies of eachother - or are they? Take a look at these awsome mirror looking flags that look a lot like eachother!

Similar looking flags - whats the deal?

Flags are symbols of identity and pride for countries and communities around the world. While they are meant to be unique and distinct, there are some flags that may look alike, causing confusion and misunderstandings. This can be due to historical, cultural, or even accidental reasons.

Flags that look alike can be easily mistaken for one another, which can have serious implications in diplomatic relations and international events. It is important to understand the differences between these flags to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts. By recognizing the similarities and differences between these flags, we can appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of each country's identity.

And a disclaimer: Sweden and Switzerland does NOT look alike! 😀

Twin flags

Similar flags that look like twins. Is it the flag of Poland or Malta? Maybe Indonesia? Hard to tell! Here are som flags that look almost the same.

What flag does USA look alike?

Why did Malaysia copy the U.S flag? Or did they? Chile and Liberia is pretty similar to the Stars and Stripes as well - don't you think?

Flags that look similar to the French flag:

The classical and original Tricolor flag: the flag of France. And some countries have choosen a very similar design to this one.

Blue flags with the Union Jack:

They are blue and they carry the brittish Union Jack. And they look alike!

Tricolor with white, green and orange:

Can you tell them apart?

Tricolor with blue, yellow and red:

These ones are truly look alikes!

Triangle flag with same colors

Why are they so resembling?

Green, white & red flags

... or was it the other way around?