Flag of Georgia

U.S state flag of Georgia
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Georgia

The state flag of Georgia is a unique and historic design that features three horizontal stripes: two red and one white. In the upper left corner is a blue canton with the state seal in gold. The seal shows three pillars that represent the state's commitment to wisdom, justice, and moderation. A banner below the pillars reads "State of Georgia," and a live oak branch and a cotton plant frame the seal on either side.

The red and white stripes on the flag symbolize Georgia's strong and vibrant character, while the blue canton with the state seal represents the state's proud history and tradition. The live oak branch and cotton plant are significant to Georgia's economy and history, as the state was once a major producer of both commodities.

The current design of the state flag of Georgia was adopted in 2003, after controversy arose over the previous design that included the Confederate battle emblem. The new design is widely praised for its simplicity and inclusiveness, as it represents all of Georgia's citizens and heritage.

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