Flag of Indiana

U.S state flag of Indiana
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Indiana

As you travel through the state of Indiana, you're sure to notice the distinctive flag that flies proudly above government buildings and private homes alike. The flag of Indiana features a bold, eye-catching design that reflects the state's unique history and identity.

The flag's design is dominated by a deep blue background, which represents Indiana's place as a state in the Union. In the center of the flag is a golden torch, symbolizing enlightenment and progress. Above the torch is a stylized banner that reads "Indiana," and below it is a cluster of 19 stars arranged in a circle.

The 19 stars represent Indiana's place as the 19th state to join the Union, while the circle formation symbolizes the state's unity and the idea of "hoosier hospitality." This term, often used to describe the friendly and welcoming nature of Indiana's residents, is thought to have originated during the Civil War, when Indiana soldiers were known to greet each other with the question, "Who's here?"

The state flag of Indiana is not just a symbol of the state's history, but also of its ongoing commitment to progress and prosperity. As you explore Indiana, take a moment to appreciate this striking and meaningful emblem of the state and all that it represents. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, the flag of Indiana is a reminder of the state's unique character and rich heritage.

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