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U.S state flag of Iowa
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Iowa

As you travel through the heartland of America, you may find yourself in the state of Iowa, where the flag is a symbol of the state's history and its values. The flag of Iowa is simple in design, yet powerful in meaning, representing the state's pioneering spirit and commitment to progress.

The flag is dominated by three vertical stripes in blue, white, and red, representing faith, purity, and courage, respectively. In the center of the flag is a bald eagle holding a banner in its beak, with the state motto of "Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain" emblazoned on it. The eagle symbolizes strength and freedom, while the motto reflects the state's commitment to protecting its citizens' rights.

The design of the flag has remained largely unchanged since its adoption in 1921, and it remains an important symbol of Iowa's heritage and identity. As you explore this beautiful state, take a moment to appreciate the flag and what it represents. From the rolling hills of the Loess Hills to the bustling city of Des Moines, the flag of Iowa is a reminder of the state's unique character and its people's unwavering commitment to their values.

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