Flag of Morocco

Flag of Morocco
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Morocco

Morocco is located in Africa.

The official ISO 3166 code for Morocco is:


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The red color is a symbol of the relationship between the royal family and the Prophet Muhammad, through Ali, the fourth caliph's wife Fatima, daughter of Muhammad.

Red has also been used throughout history to represent Morocco's power. The green pentagram is a five-pointed variant of Salomon's seal, an occult power symbol, which has been used within different cultures for thousands of years.

For Muslims, it represents the goddess Istar, who was later assimilated to the prophet's daughter. The pentagram on the flag is a symbol of the link between God and the nation. The Pentagram is green, a color associated with Islam, the five points can also be interpreted as Islam's five pillars.

The flag was adopted on the 17th of November, 1915.

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