Flag of New Hampshire

U.S state flag of New Hampshire
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of New Hampshire

The state flag of New Hampshire is a symbol of the state's rich history and natural beauty. It features the state seal set against a blue background. The seal depicts the frigate USS Raleigh sailing near a harbor, with a rising sun in the background. The frigate is an important reminder of the state's naval heritage and its role in the American Revolution. The rising sun represents hope and the promise of a new day, a nod to the state motto, "Live Free or Die."

Above the seal is a banner with the words "Live Free or Die," a phrase that has become synonymous with New Hampshire and its independent spirit. The banner is surrounded by laurel leaves, symbolizing victory and achievement.

Below the seal is another banner with the state's name, "New Hampshire," written in gold letters. The banner is also surrounded by laurel leaves, tying it in with the rest of the design.

The blue background of the flag represents the sky and the ocean, two of the state's defining features. The color blue also represents loyalty and patriotism.

The current design of the New Hampshire flag has been in use since 1909. However, it underwent a minor update in 1931 when the shade of blue was changed to a darker hue.

The flag is a simple yet powerful representation of the state's history, culture, and values. It is proudly displayed throughout the state on government buildings, private homes, and businesses. The flag serves as a reminder of New Hampshire's place in the story of the United States and its ongoing commitment to freedom and independence.

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