Flag of New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of New Zealand

New Zealand is located in Oceania.

The official ISO 3166 code for New Zealand is:


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The inner edge of the flag, in the top corner, features a miniature version of the flag of the United Kingdom.

This relates to Blue Ensign, one of several British ensigns used by certain territories associated with the UK. It serves as a reminder of the time when New Zealand was a British colony.

The four red stars with white borders, are a stylized version of the Southern Cross star constellation. The real star constellation has five stars, but they chose to display only four. These are: Acrux, Becrux, Gamma Crucius and Delta Crucius, with the missing one being Epsilon Crucius. The star constellation can be seen in the southern night sky and, in the flag, it represents the position of New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere.

The flag was adopted on June 12th, 1902.

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New Zealand flag coloring page
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Coloring page for the flag of New Zealand. Print it and fill it with colors! Perfect entertainment for the kids or in school. The coloring page is a PDF-file that is ready to use in a printer.

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New Zealand flag, printable
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You can download the image of this flag. The file format is PNG.

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