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U.S state flag of Oklahoma
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The state flag of Oklahoma is a striking representation of the state's Native American heritage and its commitment to the principles of peace and unity. The flag features a blue field with a large white star in the center, surrounded by a circle of 45 smaller stars. The large star represents Oklahoma, while the smaller stars represent the other 45 states in the union at the time of Oklahoma's statehood.

In the center of the large star is a Native American emblem consisting of a crossed peace pipe and an olive branch, symbols of peace and unity. The emblem is surrounded by seven eagle feathers, representing the seven traditional Cherokee clans of Oklahoma.

The blue color on the flag represents vigilance, while the white star symbolizes the state's sovereignty and unity. The Native American emblem in the center of the flag pays homage to the state's rich history and culture, while the circle of smaller stars represents Oklahoma's place as a valued member of the United States.

Oklahoma's state flag was first adopted in 1925 and has undergone several changes since then. The current design was adopted in 1988 and has remained unchanged since.

The Oklahoma state flag is a powerful symbol of the state's unique heritage and its commitment to the principles of peace and unity. It serves as a reminder of the state's deep Native American roots and the contributions of the many cultures that have helped shape its history and identity. Whether flying high above the state Capitol or displayed in a home or business, the Oklahoma state flag is a beloved symbol of this great state and its people.

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