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U.S state flag of Pennsylvania
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Pennsylvania

The state flag of Pennsylvania is a vibrant and historic symbol of the state's rich heritage and contributions to the United States. The flag features a blue field with the state's coat of arms in the center. The coat of arms is surrounded by a wreath of olive branches and the state's motto, "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence," is written in a banner below.

The coat of arms is a complex and intricate design that includes numerous symbols and emblems. At the top of the design is a bald eagle, the national bird of the United States, with its wings outstretched. Below the eagle is a shield divided into three sections, each with its own symbolism. The first section features a ship, representing commerce and the state's role as a transportation hub. The second section features a plow, representing agriculture and the state's rich farmland. The third section features three wheat sheaves, representing the state's bounty and fertility.

The state flag of Pennsylvania was first adopted in 1907, and the current design was adopted in 1929. The flag has remained largely unchanged since then, and has become an important symbol of the state's identity and values.

Pennsylvania is a state with a rich history and diverse economy, and the state flag captures this diversity and complexity in its design. From the bustling cities to the fertile farmland and rolling hills, Pennsylvania is a state with much to offer. The state flag serves as a reminder of the state's important contributions to the nation and the world, and its ongoing commitment to the principles of virtue, liberty, and independence.

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