Flag of Peru

Flag of Peru
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Peru

Peru is located in South America.

The official ISO 3166 code for Peru is:


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According to legend, freedom hero José de San Maritin exclaimed: "This will be the flag of freedom!" when watching a flock of red and white flamingos take to the sky.

His statement came true and the red-white flag is now the symbol of the freedom fight against Spain. Originally, a sun was also present on the flag, but was removed by Simon Bolivar in 1825, the same year the current flag was adopted on February 25th. The sun, and also other elements in the flag, are ancient Inca symbols.

The state flag and the ensign have two different emblems in the center, but each share the same symbols. They comprise a coat of arms showcasing the vikunja, a cinchona tree and a cornucopia full of golden coins.

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