Flag of Wisconsin

U.S state flag of Wisconsin
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Wisconsin

The state flag of Wisconsin features a coat of arms at its center, which is surrounded by a navy blue field. The coat of arms features a shield with a blue top and white base, which represents the blue sky and white snow of the state. The shield is divided into four quarters, each representing an important aspect of the state's heritage.

The upper left quarter features a plow, a pick, and an arm and hammer, which represent the state's agricultural and mining heritage. The upper right quarter features an anchor and a stylized wheel, which represent the state's maritime and industrial heritage. The lower left quarter features a badger, which is the state animal and represents the state's tenacity and willingness to work hard. The lower right quarter features a white banner with the state motto, "Forward," which represents the state's commitment to progress and innovation.

Above the shield is a badger, which is the state animal, and below the shield is a scroll with the state's name, "Wisconsin." The flag's design was officially adopted by the state in 1913, and its symbolism has been a source of pride for Wisconsinites ever since.

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