Flag of Argentina

Flag of Argentina
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Argentina

Argentina is located in South America.

The official ISO 3166 code for Argentina is:


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The flag of Argentina was conceived in 1812 and previously consisted of three horizontal stripes, two light-blue and one white. It was not until 1818, that the yellow sun in the middle was added to the flag. The blue color is said to symbolize the sky, the white the clouds and the yellow the sun.

The sun on the flag is a copy from the first Argentinian coin. The flag with the sun is called the official ceremonial flag and a flag without the sun is known as an ornamental flag. Both these flags are considered national flags, so when the ornamental flag is raised, the ceremonial flag should always be raised under it.

On the ceremonial flag, the sun must be embroidered according to tradition.

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