Flag of Botswana

Flag of Botswana
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Botswana

Botswana is located in Africa.

The official ISO 3166 code for Botswana is:


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Botswana's flag was adopted on September 30, 1966, the same year the country became independent after a battle for freedom from the British.

A competition for the country's population was announced to determine the new rules regarding the flag's appearance. Responsible for the competition, George Winstanley took matters into his own hands as he considered the proposals inadequate.

The flag differs from the flags of other African countries, since it lacks a party-political symbol and the pan-African colors (red, yellow and green). The two blue fields in Botswana's flag symbolize the precious rain in the dry climate of Botswana - especially in agricultural contexts. In the middle, there is one black and two white fields, illustrating the hope that the two colors can in fact live together in peace.

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