Flag of Delaware

U.S state flag of Delaware
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Delaware

The state flag of Delaware is a simple and elegant design that features a field of colonial blue with a diamond in the center. Inside the diamond is a coat of arms with a shield that is divided into three parts. The top section shows a ship representing Delaware's shipbuilding industry, while the bottom left section depicts a farmer and a wheatsheaf that represents the state's agricultural industry. The bottom right section features a soldier holding a musket, which symbolizes Delaware's role in the American Revolutionary War.

Above the shield is a ribbon that reads "December 7, 1787," which is the date that Delaware became the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. Below the shield is another ribbon with the state's motto, "Liberty and Independence," which reflects Delaware's proud history as a center of American democracy and its commitment to freedom and individual rights.

The design of the flag was adopted in 1913, but it has roots in the early colonial period of Delaware's history. The diamond shape of the flag is believed to represent the state's nickname, "The Diamond State," which comes from Thomas Jefferson's description of Delaware as a "jewel" among the original 13 colonies.

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