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U.S state flag of Idaho
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Idaho

The state flag of Idaho features a blue field with the state seal in the center. The seal consists of a miner and a woman who represent Idaho's mining and agriculture industries, respectively. The miner is holding a pick and a shovel, while the woman is holding a sheaf of wheat and a cornucopia. The words "State of Idaho" appear in gold letters on a red and gold band below the seal.

The blue color of the field represents the sky and the mountains of Idaho, while the gold and red colors of the band represent the state's natural resources and the sun respectively. The colors and symbols on the flag pay homage to the state's history, geography, and industries.

The design of the flag was created by Emma Edwards Green, who won a competition held by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1907. The flag was adopted by the state legislature in 1909, and it has remained unchanged ever since.

The state flag of Idaho is an important symbol of the state's heritage and identity. It is flown at government buildings, schools, and other public places throughout the state. The flag is also used to represent Idaho at national and international events.

Overall, the state flag of Idaho is a simple but meaningful representation of the state's history and values. Its design reflects the state's natural resources and industries, and it has become an important part of Idaho's identity over the past century.

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