Flag of Iran

Flag of Iran
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Iran

Iran is located in Asia.

The official ISO 3166 code for Iran is:


The flag of Iran was adopted on July 29, 1980, directly after the Islamic revolution.

Iran's flag is a tricolor with the colors green, white and red, and the state weapon stands in the center, where the fields are divided by two separate rows that read: "Allahu Akbar", meaning "God is greater".

This phrase is repeated 22 times in the flag. The current version was created after the revolution in 1980, when the monarchy was overthrown.

The old flag was then modified by introducing the new state weapon in the center of the flag, as well as the two lines of stylized writing used as a divider. The reason the text "God is greater" is repeated 22 times is due to the fact that the revolutionaries conquered the Pahlavi dynasty on the 22nd day.

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