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In 2020, the state of Mississippi retired its previous flag, which had been controversial for featuring the Confederate battle emblem, and adopted a new design that seeks to better represent the state's history and values. The updated flag of Mississippi was officially adopted on January 11, 2021, and features a magnolia flower encircled by 20 stars, representing Mississippi's status as the 20th state to join the United States.

The magnolia has been a symbol of Mississippi since the early 19th century, and the flower is meant to symbolize the state's hospitality, strength, and endurance. The flag's design also includes the phrase "In God We Trust" in gold letters on a blue background at the bottom, reflecting the state's deeply held religious beliefs.

The design of the new Mississippi flag was the result of a process that involved public submissions, with over 3,000 designs being submitted for consideration. A commission appointed by the governor reviewed the submissions and selected the final design, which was then approved by a majority of Mississippi voters in a referendum.

The adoption of the new flag marked a significant moment in Mississippi's history and was seen as a step towards greater inclusivity and representation in the state. It was celebrated by many as a symbol of progress and unity, with the new design reflecting a more positive and inclusive vision for Mississippi's future. Overall, the updated flag of Mississippi represents a new era for the state, one that seeks to move forward and embrace its rich history and diverse community.

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