Flag of Myanmar

Flag of Myanmar
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Myanmar

Myanmar is located in Asia.

The official ISO 3166 code for Myanmar is:


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Myanmar (Burma) changed both the appearance of its national flag, as well as its national anthem, on October 21, 2010. The flag's three horizontal fields represent solidarity, peace and silence, courage and determination. This is the fourth time Burma has changed its flag's appearance since their independence in 1948, after having been a British colony since the 19th century.

When the Socialist Republic was established in 1974, the leader Ne Win proclaimed their flag as red with a canton in the top left corner. In 1974, a minor change was made when an image of a gearwheel was added behind a rice plant. The state flag looks identical to the national flag. The state flag is used by various government agencies. The war flags used by the military also have the same appearance as the national version.

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