Flag of Bolivia

Flag of Bolivia
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Bolivia

Bolivia is located in South America.

The official ISO 3166 code for Bolivia is:


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Bolivia's flag consists of three horizontal bands in the colors red, yellow and green.

The upper red band symbolizes the freedom fight, the yellow in the middle stands for the country's mineral deposits and the green in the lower part stands for nature. Bolivia became independent in 1825 but their current flag was not determined until later.

At this time, the colors were yellow, green and red, similar to those of the Lithuanian flag. The flag received its present appearance by a decree of President Manuesl Isidoru Belzu, on November 5, 1851.

Both the civil flag and the state flag's proportions are 15:22. Like several other South American countries, the civil flag lacks the nation's state weapon, which, alternatively can be seen on the state flag.

Bolivia is named for "the Liberator of America" Simón Bolívar. General Bolívar led a rebellion against the Empire of Spain that freed Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, and Bolivia.

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