Flag of Seychelles

Flag of Seychelles
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Seychelles

Seychelles is located in Africa.

The official ISO 3166 code for Seychelles is:


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Blue stands for the sky and the sea surrounding the Seychelles, and the yellow is supposed to be the sun giving both light and life to the country. Red is a symbol of the population and their work in unity and love for the future. White stands for harmony and social justice, and green symbolizes land and vegetation.

The flag was adopted on June 18th, 1996. The previous version was introduced in 1977 after a coup from the SPUP government. The colors of the flag were chosen from the colors representing the party; red and green with a white horizontal stripe.

It replaced the flag with the colors blue, red and white that were adopted only a year before the Seychelles gained independence from the UK.

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