Flag of South Sudan

Flag of South Sudan
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of South Sudan

South Sudan is located in Africa.

The official ISO 3166 code for South Sudan is:


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Originally, the flag of South Sudan was the same flag used by the Sudanese liberation army. It was eventually adopted as the official flag of South Sudan.

The black color stands for the people, red symbolizes the blood spilled in the struggle for freedom, green stands for the country itself, and blue represents the water of the Nile. The star in the blue triangle, also known as the Bethlehem Star, is a symbol of the unity of the southern Sudanese states.

The flag was adopted in 2005, in connection with a peace agreement that put an end to the second civil war in South Sudan, which had lasted since 1983. The country became self-governing with the opportunity to gain independence with time. This was achieved in 2011.

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