Flag of Virginia

U.S state flag of Virginia
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Virginia

The state flag of Virginia is a striking and unique design that incorporates the state's history, motto, and seal. The flag has a deep blue background with the seal of Virginia in the center, which is encircled by a white band with the Latin motto "Sic Semper Tyrannis" (Thus Always to Tyrants) in capital letters.

The seal depicts the Roman goddess Virtus, who represents the spirit of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virtus is standing over a defeated enemy and holding a spear in one hand and a sword in the other, symbolizing Virginia's readiness to defend itself. The seal also includes an image of a woman representing Tyranny, who is lying on the ground with a broken chain at her feet, symbolizing the defeat of tyranny in Virginia.

The state flag of Virginia was adopted in 1861, during the American Civil War, and it has remained relatively unchanged since then. However, there have been some minor modifications to the flag's design over the years. In 1930, the state legislature standardized the shade of blue used on the flag, and in 1949, the white band was added to encircle the seal.

The state flag of Virginia is a powerful symbol of the state's history, values, and commitment to defending freedom and democracy. It is also a reminder of Virginia's important role in the formation of the United States, as eight U.S. presidents were born in Virginia, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

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