Flag of Minnesota

U.S state flag of Minnesota
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Minnesota

Minnesota's state flag is a simple yet striking design that evokes the natural beauty and history of the North Star State. The flag features a blue background with a circular emblem in the center, encircled by a garland of pink and white lady slippers, the state flower.

The emblem itself is made up of a white north star on a blue field, with a stylized banner reading "L'Étoile du Nord," or "The Star of the North," a French reference to Minnesota's French heritage. The star is also a nod to the state's nickname, "The North Star State," as well as its location on the northern edge of the United States.

The simplicity of the design makes the flag easy to recognize and lends it an air of understated elegance. The use of the state flower and the French reference to the state's history and culture adds a layer of depth and meaning to the design, making it more than just a pretty picture.

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