Flag of Zambia

Flag of Zambia
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Zambia

Zambia is located in Africa.

The official ISO 3166 code for Zambia is:


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The flag of Zambia was adopted on October 24, 1964, with the proportions of 2:3. It has changed very little since 1996. The flag is green with three vertical bands containing the colors red, black and orange in the lower right corner.

Above the bands is a kind of bird, a so-called osprey in gold. The red color symbolizes the struggle of the people to gain their invaluable freedom. The black color of the flag represents the population of Zambia and the yellow color represents the country's resources; copper in particular. The big green background symbolizes agriculture.

The bird represents the people's ability to cope despite the problems in the country. What is unusual about this flag is that symbols are usually on the inner edge of the flag, but in this case, it appears on the flag's outer edge.

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