Flag of Montana

U.S state flag of Montana
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Montana

The flag of Montana is one of the most recognizable state flags in the United States. The design of the flag is based on the state seal, which features Montana's rich history and natural beauty.

The center of the flag features the state seal, which is a blue circle with a white star in the center. Surrounding the star is the state name, "Montana," in gold letters. The outer ring of the seal features various symbols that represent the state's history and landscape.

One of the most prominent symbols on the outer ring is the Rocky Mountains, which can be seen in the background. In front of the mountains are a plow and a pickaxe, which represent Montana's agricultural and mining industries. There is also a river, a waterfall, and a forest, which represent the state's natural beauty and resources.

Above the seal is the word "Montana" in bold, gold letters. Below the seal is the state motto, "Oro y Plata," which means "Gold and Silver" in Spanish. This motto was adopted in 1865, when gold and silver were discovered in Montana, and the state's economy began to grow rapidly.

The blue color of the flag symbolizes Montana's wide-open skies and natural beauty, while the gold color represents the state's abundant natural resources. The white star in the center of the seal symbolizes Montana's status as a new and growing state, while the symbols around the seal represent the state's past, present, and future.

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