Flag of West Virginia

U.S state flag of West Virginia
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of West Virginia

The state flag of West Virginia is a symbol of the state's proud heritage and the bravery of its soldiers who fought for independence during the Civil War. The flag features the state seal in the center on a field of pure white. The seal is encircled by a band of blue with the words "State of West Virginia" above and the state's motto, "Montani Semper Liberi" (Mountaineers are Always Free) below.

The state seal in the center of the flag is rich in symbolism. The rock cliffs represent the state's rugged terrain and the beauty of its mountains, while the two men in the center are a farmer and a miner, representing the state's agricultural and mining industries. The farmer is holding a plow and the miner a pick and ax, and both are dressed in work clothes. Above them is a banner with the state's motto, "Montani Semper Liberi," and below them is the date "June 20, 1863," the day West Virginia became a state.

The blue band around the seal is also significant. Blue represents the Union, while white symbolizes purity and freedom. The words "State of West Virginia" on the blue band reflect the state's pride and sovereignty.

The current design of the West Virginia flag was adopted on March 7, 1929, after the previous flag, which featured the state seal on a blue field, was found to be too similar to the flag of another state. The current design was chosen because it was unique and representative of the state's history and identity.

In conclusion, the state flag of West Virginia is a powerful symbol of the state's rugged beauty, independence, and pride. It is a fitting tribute to the people of the state who have worked hard to build a strong and prosperous community.

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