Flag of Spain

Flag of Spain
Facts, history and meaning about the flag of Spain

Spain is located in Europe.

The official ISO 3166 code for Spain is:


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The Spanish flag's color palette, excluding the state weapon, consists of the main colors red and yellow.

The flag of Spain was adopted on July 19, 1927, but a similar version had been used at sea since 1785. The colors of the Spanish flag are yellow and red, introduced by the Spanish king in order to easily distinguish Spanish ships from English and Dutch ships.

In 1931, when the Republic was introduced, a modification of the flag was made into a tricolor with three bands in yellow, red and purple. The purple color was taken from the coat of arms of Granada or Léon. The nationalists' victory in the civil war caused a reintroduction of the old flag.

The Spanish Constitution of 1978 states that the red fields should be half as wide as the yellow ones. It also states that all official institutions and military authorities must use a flag including the state weapon. The flag may occur without the state weapon in civilian use.

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